Multiple Religious Identities: 
The Experiences of Four Jewish-Buddhist Teachers

1. Overview and Teaching Guide. Download. 

2. Background Reading. 

a. Cornille, Catherine. 2003. “Double Religious Belonging.” Buddhist-Christian Studies.Vol 23, p. 43-50. 

b. “Many Americans Mix Multiple Faiths.” Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life. December 9, 2009. View.

c. “Jews and American Buddhism” Religion & Ethics Newsweekly. February 27, 1998. View.

d. Weinberg, Shelia. 1994. “Many Voices in One Mind” The Reconstructionist. Fall. p. 53-58. 

3. Class Exercises and Discussion. 

a. Additional Materials about Sylvia Boorstein. Download.

b. Video teaching by Sylvia Boorstein. View

c. Additional Materials about Norman Fischer. Download. 

d. Video teaching by Norman Fischer. View. 

e. Additional Materials about Joseph Goldstein. Download

f. Video teaching by Joseph Goldstein. View

g. Additional Materials about Alan Lew. Download

           h. Video teaching by Alan Lew. View 

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